Good deed for Straßenkreuzer

“On us. On you. On eye level.“ This is the motto our social commitment for Straßenkreuzer e.V. enters the next round with. Since our cross-media campaign for the Nuremberg street paper, MBS has become somewhat of their agency of hearts when it comes to creative advertising material. That is why our “donation“ of 2017 came from the heart as well: a brand-new image flyer. We happily contributed concept, photography, design and realization. In the flyer we place the focus on people as individuals – whether they are a Straßenkreuzer employee, purchaser, homeless person or supporter. Characterful portrait photos and personal quotes convey their individual paths of life and motivations – without hierarchy, without judgement, on eye level. In addition to the street paper itself, our flyer also presents the various co-projects such as Straßenkreuzer Uni, the “Schicht-Wechsel” city walks or the Straßenkreuzer CD.

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