MERA, The Petfood Family, cares about the wellbeing of dogs and cats. And they are not the only ones: of course, our photography team of four also took care about happiness and comfort of its “models”, whilst shooting professional images of the high-quality pet food. After all, the animal actors are constant companions of their owners; they are part of their families. We created expressive image pictures with and without the furry pet models, within an extensive kitchen setting. The photographs were produced for use in print and online, also as social media content. Masterfully staged by our stylists, we also shot still-life photographs of the dog food product lines “essential” and “pure sensitive” as well as for the cat food series “Cats” and “finest fit”. Perfectly lighted isolated photos of all products wrapped up our shooting. The valuable ingredients of the food, which completely refrains from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, were draped appealingly around the products, providing visible evidence, that MERA pet food conforms 100 % to German food standards. Made in Germany, of course, under the strictest quality control. The best way to a comprehensive nutrition concept for our furry friends, which is surely appreciated by more than 15 million cats and more than 10 million dogs in Germany.