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Insights worth seeing!

Eschenbach Optik entrusted our department Photography with implementing their luscious coloured visual concept into the imagery of their series...

19. January 2022

Favourite places – staged in stylish outdoor photography

Colour brings joy – especially outdoors! That’s what the office furniture manufacturers at Dauphin thought when they provided the popular...

19. January 2022


While the sun is currently just a shimmer on ice and snow, we’re all craving for more of it. The perfect time, therefore, to pick up the...

19. January 2022

Digital Home Office!

Photographers know the struggle: sometimes you have to cope with rough terrain, if you want to capture spectacular nature shots. But not for this...

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09. November 2021

Welcome to the MBS family!

The Corona pandemic has been blamable for lots of challenges, but MBS is heading for a bright future: at the start of a new year of...

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05. November 2021

Summer meets stylish fashion C&A and MBS are hitting the beach!

The commitment to the „Women“ and „Women“-collection by C&A offered our photography-crew the opportunity to be creative abroad again...

05. November 2021

Photographies that go right on your skin!

A refreshing, vitalizing underwear is absolute necessary for the daily wellbeing. That’s a well known fact at Zimmerli, the high quality...

05. November 2021

Insights into the new BAUHAUS living magazine!

Where Pop Art meets Factory Style, distinguished design lovers sit up and take notice. In close cooperation with BAUHAUS, our MBS photography and...

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05. November 2021


All chairs are not the same. And a back is not always a healthy back. With Dauphin, you can experience healthy ergonomic sitting. And with MBS...

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12. August 2021

Erfolgreiche Ausbildung: bei MBS eine Tradition

Bestnoten für unsere MBS-Azubis bei der Freisprechungsfeier der Handwerkskammer Mittelfranken! Unsere Fotografie-Absolventen*innen legten ein...

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12. August 2021