After having been active in the Netherlands for almost seven years, in 2018, the online supermarket PICNIC started business in Germany as well, and currently delivers in various North Rhine-Westphalian cities. Groceries and household items can be ordered via app – and are delivered eco-friendly with small electro vehicles. In order to make the planning of their home “menu” as easy as possible, the app offers users a wide range of ideas for tasty, easy-to-cook and quickly-done meals. Of course, all required ingredients are available in the shop – and can be ordered conveniently with a click. This is where MBS comes in: not only are all products photographed in our studios, but also the recipes. From selection to preparation, from food styling to photography to writing the cooking instructions: everything happens at MBS. The result? Absolutely delicious! Leaving our teams from photography and advertising agency busy with test cooking and hungry for the expansion of the delivery area.