When the luxurious furniture brand KOINOR unveils one of its new premium sofa systems, a presentation with a wow effect is required. And that’s why KOINOR asked us: For the premiere of the designer piece at the trade show, as well as for the website and print advertising materials, our advertising agency developed an impressive visual concept that can be flexibly applied to all formats. The special thing: Our modern-purist, characterful environment with the picturesque view was created entirely digitally. With a lot of expertise and aesthetic sense, our CGI artists created a setting that perfectly showcases the colours, textures, and high-quality craftsmanship of the various sofa designs. Only the sofa itself was photographed in our MBS studios. Models were also used, using nuanced poses to emphasize the feeling of outstanding comfort and exclusive lifestyle. A visually striking reveal for the exquisite sofa creation, whose presentation seamlessly fits into the high-quality brand world of KOINOR.