Photographers know the struggle: sometimes you have to cope with rough terrain, if you want to capture spectacular nature shots. But not for this photo, as the picturesque savannah was created completely as CGI by the MBS Digital team. On the left one can see an early draft in clay rendering, on the right the finished, highly realistic result. Merely desk, office chair and some other equipment were set up in the photo studio. So, let’s be honest: who hasn’t’ dreamt about working at such a stunning location?

But our artistic idyll also reflects a general hurdle within the advertising business, as a setting like this entails an enormous logistic effort. Not only do you have to find a fitting location, but also travelling there must be organised. Cutting-edge CGI technology, as it is used at MBS, allows for creating such naturalistic dreamscapes directly in the studio. From lighting to reflections to realistic shadows: our department Digital knows all the tricks and how to use them professionally.

As the technical possibilities know no creative borders, also extraordinary camera angles or hovering objects can be implemented realistically. Whatever customers desire: MBS makes it happen!