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Is photography a craft or an art? For Anna-Maria Stoll, our experienced artist behind the camera, it is somewhat both. Above all, however, it is...

4. February 2019

Wild in white: our 2018 Christmas party

Dreaming of a white Christmas? We don’t dream at MBS, we make it happen! Under the motto „All White“, our apprentices dressed the bar “Dillinger”...

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11. December 2018

Reconstructed: HEIM & HAUS online

HEIM & HAUS are experts in improving the homes of their 1.4 million customers; and the direct distributor of building components also left it to...

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5. December 2018


In the beginning, there was one chair. The model „1000“, to be specific. Once a revolution in design and technology, this chair shaped Dauphin’s...

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22. November 2018

Welcome to the Family!

Eight new trainees for MBS Four motivated newcomers are going to become part of our studio and learn everything about photographing fashion,...

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3. September 2018


Barbecue is a hot topic! But what grill should you use? And what should you put on it? BBQ enthusiasts can learn about this and more in the new B...

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24. August 2018

MBS outdoors: hiking day 2018

Advertisers are happy wanderers! That’s why, once a year, we are drawn to Franconia’s magnificent nature. Always with us: our handcart filled wit...

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22. June 2018

This run was fun!

Every year, we treat ourselves to a little muscle pain and accelerated breathing during one of Nuremberg’s corporate runs. This year, our running...

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7. June 2018

Christmas Gifts from Audi: Sophisticated Presentation by MBS

'For all of you, who...' share our enthusiasm for Audi, MBS produced highly sophisticated Christmas commercials for selected Audi Collection prod...

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30. January 2018

Bring back the Roaring Twenties!

MBS listened to its apprentices and celebrated the fading business year all in the glamour of the Golden Twenties. Sequin dresses and Mary Janes,...

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18. December 2017

Image film for Prinovis

Four sites in Europe, 28,808 sq km of printed paper per year and 2,200 employees working hard each day so that readers in various countries can e...

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14. December 2017

MBS on location for latest C&A online campaign

Expressive pictures, a great team and a fitting shooting location contributed to the success of the latest C&A online image photographs. Once aga...

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4. December 2017

Cross Media Marketing: MBS Broadcasting on All Channels

Stefan Schmitz, head of advertising agency MBS, recently published a professional article in the IHK magazine „Wirtschaft in Mittelfranken“ (WiM)...

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4. December 2017

Fourfold success for MBS at German Design Award

Already for the second time in a row, our creations were honoured at the German Brand Award. This year, the German Design Council again awarded i...

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24. October 2017

Funky Angels gives wings to MBS!

Just as special and precious as guardian angels are: that’s how the appealing jewellery line by Funky Angels considers itself. Our advertising ag...

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11. October 2017

Progress through appeal

Audi knows how to impress, not only on the street! Actually, the elegant and sporty style of the famous car manufacturer is also available with c...

9. October 2017

Shine together! MBS featuring PUMA by Rihanna

As of late, she is not only a pop icon and fashion idol but also Creative Director of her own PUMA-exclusive fashion collection: megastar Rihanna...

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19. September 2017

MBS photographer again in HUF Magazine

Our photographer Anna-Maria Stoll made it once again: her “Motion Sequences” series of editorial photography was published in HUF Magazine, which...

11. September 2017

C&A Lookbook Spring/Summer 2017: looking good!

The concept of the C&A Lookbook Spring/Summer 2017 is taking the reader on a journey all over the fashion world. Every single chapter tells a sto...

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28. July 2017

We are running high!

As of now, thoni mara strengthens itself with the media skills of our three tried-and-trusted creative departments. Founder and running enthusias...

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11. July 2017

On shooting tour for the C&A image

Wherever summer has already arrived as of yet is also where our photo teams are in action capturing its most beautiful moods. Whether on location...

19. June 2017

MBS at the CO-REACH 2017

The popular CO-REACH is going to take place in Nuremberg from June 21st to June 22nd 2017 – and of course the MBS team consisting of advertisemen...

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16. May 2017

Brace yourselves! MBS to start B2B race for Audi

Four rings – one strong team: that’s what describes our latest coup best. We are happy to welcome Audi as our new customer to the MBS family. The...

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10. April 2017

Competence perfectly packaged: our image films for RHIEM

How do you present the comprehensive portfolio of an international service provider in a convincing and emotionally appealing video? Our image fi...

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6. April 2017

Good deed for Straßenkreuzer

“On us. On you. On eye level.“ This is the motto our social commitment for Straßenkreuzer e.V. enters the next round with. Since our cross-media...

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28. February 2017

MBS Photo talent in HUF Magazine

With being published in HUF Magazine our photographer Anna-Maria Stoll was named among the best in their field. The creative magazine is an inter...

15. November 2016

MBS wins at the German Design Award

Our creations are excellent by certificate. We are very happy about four prizes at the 2017 German Design Award, presented by the German Design C...

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26. October 2016

Summer in da (clock)house

Summer Feeling für euch im Herbst, mit unserem neuen Videospot für C&A. Wir haben die Sonne konserviert! Für schöne Gefühle, die euch auf Faceboo...

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7. October 2016

German Design Award: seven nominations in one stroke!

Fabulous moments for MBS: The German Design Council nominated us for the German Design Award seven times. Once a year the renowned prize is award...

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17. August 2016

»Passt!« – MBS develops new Bauhaus Magazine

Our MBS departments advertising agency and photography have already proven successful in the field of magazine design. Therefore, the order to a...

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13. June 2016

Award-winning social ad campaign

Many of our loyal customers have known it already: MBS creates outstanding advertising! Now, this has also been confirmed by the jury of “Das Jah...

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9. June 2016

Warm-up for 2016 C&A Clockhouse

Don’t feel like working out in the rain and cold? So, off into the gym! That’s what our creative team thought while producing the new C&A Clo...

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8. February 2016

Tempting with every page: the Hussel magalogs

Seems as if Christmas had come early! For our advertising agency develops product magazines for Hussel confectionery. Thematically matched to the...

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16. December 2015

Black 'n' Gold: video for C&A

Anything but grey – that’s how the new Clockhouse collections “Dark Boho” and “Gypset” present themselves. The feminine outfits convey a laid-bac...

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24. November 2015

Web relaunch for PRINOVIS

Quality and innovation are the trademarks of Prinovis, the largest print service provider in Europe. In order to meet this image, our advertising...

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5. November 2015

More than beautiful hair: reboot for Clivia magazine

Looks dressy! The new clivia is out now and presents itself in a completely fresh style. Our advertising agency gave a graphically and textually...

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20. October 2015

Superwomen's magazine

Women, get to work! – that’s the motto of our Women’s Night magazine for Bauhaus, which turns women into real craftsmen with informative contribu...

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17. September 2015

Powerful campaign for a strong team

Prinovis, Europe’s largest gravure printer, commissioned us with the conception and realization of a comprehensive inhouse campaign in order to c...

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27. August 2015

Fruitful cooperation with new customer Hussel

Following our successful POS campaigns for “chocolate fruits” and “Torrone” our teams in advertising agency and photography worked hand in hand t...

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21. August 2015

Horst Lichter and MBS give barbecue more character

The popular star chef acted as testimonial for the BAUHAUS Kingstone grills. In appealing images our photography added visual extra spice to the...

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17. August 2015

Nautic app: the smart way to set sail

From screen design to realization has our department Digital Solutions developed the handy app revolving around the Bauhaus water sports equipmen...

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16. June 2015

BECKMANN: cross-media start into 2015

Perfectly timed with despatching the new main catalogue of our long-term customer Beckmann, quite some changes to its online presence were finish...

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18. February 2015

Food Journal 2015 – more than a catalogue

It is not an easy thing to seduce expert chefs and make their hearts melt. But we have taken up the challenge and turned the NESTLÉ SCHÖLLER Food...

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12. February 2015

Exclusive swiss-made luxury wear – aesthetically staged

In summer 2014, Our department E-Commerce Services managed to gain award-winning luxury wear company Zimmerly of Switzerland in a Germany-wide pi...

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28. January 2015

Luvos to place new orders at MBS

MBS head of advertising agency and Creative Director Stefan Schmitz has already in the past been developing the package design for traditional Lu...

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22. January 2015

Cross-Media donation for Social-Help Magazine

Social commitment – a Christmas tradition we have been happy to carry on. With this year’s 20th anniversary of Nuremberg’s social-help magazine “...

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4. November 2014

Wood you like? Wolf Möbel assigns MBS Photography

It came, it saw, it was convinced: Scheinfurt-based furniture retailer WOLF MÖBEL commissioned our photography department with shooting one of it...

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19. September 2014

Passionate: Fashion Photography for Bold-Magazine

The trendy lifestyle magazine represents excellent content from the areas fashion, design and culture – the ideal environment for our fashion pho...

17. September 2014

Claws bared in Puma Pitch

Lately, MBS competently made the race against international competitors in the pitch for PUMA’s Global Volume – with full creative power and comp...

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12. August 2014